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Low pH water is attacking the uncoated concrete surfaces and will eventually corrode the steel reinforcement in the clearwell walls and floors. The project consists of coating two clearwells: the Acti-Floc Clearwell and the Finished Clearwell. The scope of work for this project includes preparing surfaces, furnishing and applying 100% solids epoxy surfacing material and 100% solid elastomeric polyurethane as a protective coating system for the concrete surfaces and any other coatings for miscellaneous metal structures as described in the plans and specifications. Construction is scheduled for November 2018 - March 2019.

The Paradise Ranch Estates Tank 4A Replacement project consists of the design and construction of a 125,000 gallon cast-in-place circular concrete tank to replace the existing aging 50,000 gallon redwood tank and the 25,000 gallon redwood tank destroyed in the Mt. Vision fire in 1995. The project includes additional fire flow storage to satisfy Marin County Fire protection requirements and is consistent with the Board approved 2001 West Marin Long Range Plan. Construction is slated for March - October 2019.

The Lynwood Pump Station is located at the intersection of South Novato Boulevard and Sunset Parkway in the center median. The electrical service and operational controls are over 40 years old and have gone through several temporary repairs over the years. To improve reliability the electrical systems and controls require replacement and relocation out of the flood prone area of the underground vault at the pump station. An above ground electrical control room has been designed to incorporate the historical design of the existing structure and incorporate modern architectural features. The project will include the construction of the new control room and landscaping of the median at the existing pump station location.

The proposed Crest Pump Station project is intended to replace the existing School Road Pump Station, and involves construction of a new building, installation of three 20 horsepower pumps, manifolds, associated equipment and approximately 650 feet of 12-inch diameter and 100 feet of 8-inch diameter pipeline. The new pipeline will draw from zone 1 piping in Bahia Drive and discharge into the Crest system (zone 2) at the end of Cerro Crest. NMWD is working with the City of Novato to procure a small parcel for the project. Construction is projected to commence summer 2019. This project will provide the following benefits:

  • Increased efficiency thereby reducing energy costs
  • Improved worker safety and access
  • Addition of redundant pumping capacity
  • Improved fire flow reliability

The Oceana Marin treatment and storage ponds have not been cleaned since the ponds were constructed and placed into service in the early 1970's. The ponds receive wastewater from the Oceana Marin subdivision as well as select homes in The Dillon Beach "Village" area. Each pond is approximately 240-feet long, 120-feet wide, and working depth is 10-feet with 2 additional feet of freeboard. In order to effectively clean the ponds, the biosolid material needs to be dewatered on-site, requiring a large generator and belt press to remove excess moisture and consolidate the solids. The material will then be loaded onto dump trailers for transportation and disposal to land application sites in Solano County. The material will be applied to land as Class B biosolids. The project is scheduled for summer 2018.