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Important Notice About a Recycled Water

NMWD received a portion of the $7.3 Million federal economic stimulus funds awarded to NBWRA in September 2010.

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          A public hearing will be held at the NMWD office (999 Rush Creek Place, Novato) at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 19, 2015, to consider a water rate increase averaging 3% effective June 1, 2015. You can view the increase to your individual water cost by using the NMWD annual water cost calculator below.

Click here for NMWD's Annual Water Cost Calculator


Mandatory Water use Prohibitions are in effect. Customers are urged to reduce outside irrigation, fix leaks promptly and participate in NMWD water conservation programs.

Emergency Water Conservation Ordinance in effect for the Novato Area and West Marin Area

Novato Area's Summary of Current Water Use Prohibitions

West Marin Area's Summary of Current Water Use Prohibitions

Drought Information and Tips

Summer 2014 Novato "Water Line"

Educate yourself and a neighbor... Neighborhood Drought Information Outreach

For more information on water supply, drought conditions and water saving tips, please visit, and


You can see your water use history and voluntary water use reduction target for your account on our website. Select YOUR ACCOUNT tab and click on Account Balance & Consumption. Once you determine your voluntary water use reduction target, visit and access the WATER SAVINGS CALCULATOR link under the TIPS button to explore water saving measures that you can undertake to reach your target. This voluntary water use reduction target is for your information and individual customer rationing is not projected at this time. Customers using less than 143 gallons per person per day have already met the conservation target.

In the past Novato customers have done their share to aid the Russian River system in low water years and we are hopeful you will participate again. Working together we can do our part with all Russian River users to perserve water for fishery protection.

Welcome To North Marin Water District's Website 

            North Marin Water District carries out its Mission with a highly-motivated and competent staff empowered to conduct the District’s business by placing customer needs and welfare first. Each day, District employees strive to carry out their work mindful of these basic principles: Good Water, Good Service, Good Value, and A Safe Place to Work. For more information, see our Annual Report that updates customers on Fiscal Year 2013-14 and provides a snapshot of our current efforts and financial performance.


            North Marin Water District (NMWD) is pursuing both short-term and long-term improvements to water supply reliability in Novato. Expanding the use of recycled water as a sustainable local water supply in Novato is one such improvement. NMWD has identified various properties with large landscape areas in Novato as potential sites to use recycled water for irrigation and has completed the installation of a new pipeline for delivery of recycled water in the North, and South Service Areas of Novato (See Maps linked below). Construction work on the Central Service Area is tentatively scheduled to start in 2018. To help inform and update you on the progress of the Novato Recycled Water Expansion Program, NMWD has produced a series of informational materials which include:


Novato Recycled Water Program Summary providing a general overview of the program and general information on recycled water

Novato Recycled Water Program Frequently Asked Questions

Example Recycled Water User Sheet

Ordinance 24 and Regulation 18


Map of North/Central Service Area

Novato North Service Area- Construction completed in September 2012

North Central Service Area- Tentative Construction to start in 2017


Map of South Service Area

Novato South Service Area- Construction completed in July 2013


Final Environmental Impact Report For Aqueduct Energy Efficiency Project

Aqueduct Energy Efficiency Project Location Area Map

Approximately 4 miles of the existing North Marin Aqueduct from Kastania Pump Station to Redwood Landfill requires relocation to accommodate the CalTrans US Highway 101 Marin-Sonoma Narrows Widening Project.

NMWD’s AEE Project is enlarging the North Marin Aqueduct coincident with the required relocation to eliminate the need for the Kastania Pump Station and the resulting energy demand, associated green house gases and costs.