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Important Notice About Recycled Water

NMWD has received ~$3.1 Million in federal economic grant funds through participation in NBWRA in since 2010.

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North Marin Water District Management Changes

North Marin Water District receives CAFR Award Eight Consecutive Years

Notice NMWD Board Appoints Michael Joly as New Director

Advanced Meter Information (AMI) Notice

Welcome To North Marin Water District's Website 

North Marin Water District carries out its Mission with a highly-motivated and competent staff empowered to conduct the District’s business by placing customer needs and welfare first. Each day, District employees strive to carry out their work mindful of these basic principles: Good Water, Good Service, Good Value, and A Safe Place to Work. For more information, see our Annual Report that updates customers on Fiscal Year 2015-16 and provides a snapshot of our current efforts and financial performance.


A 5% water rate increase effective June 1, 2017 was approved by the District Board of Directors at its May 16, 2017 meeting. You can view the impact of the proposed increase to your individual water cost by using the NMWD annual water cost calculator below.

Click here for NMWD's Annual Water Cost Calculator

NMWD Recycled Water Central Expansion Project

North Marin Water District is expanding the recycled water system into the Central Service Area of Novato.  This expansion in cooperation with Novato Sanitary District, will extend from Novato Sanitary District’s treatment plant to Marin Country Club, serving approximately 40 large landscape customers and 3 car washes along the way. This project has been designed to reach the maximum number of large landscape users and will offset approximately 65 million gallons of potable water per year. See link below for Recycled Water Central Service Area Construction project updates.

Recycled Water Central Project Blog


At the June 21, 2016 NMWD Board Meeting, the Board of Directors adopted the 2015 Urban Water Managment Plan.


The District’s residential recycled water pick-up program will not be available in the District yard in 2016, but will be available through our truck pick-up program for Customers with 275 gallon and larger containers. To apply for a pick-up permit follow the link to the on-line application, training and program instructions. Recycled Water Programs