North Marin Water District Developing New Water Supplies

(Posted September 22, 2021) In 2018, the District’s Strategic Plan was updated, and our number one goal was to increase long-term water supply reliability. Here is what we have been […]

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2021 Drought Water Use Prohibitions for Novato

(Updated August 24, 2021) On April 20, 2021 the Board adopted an Amended Emergency Water Conservation Ordinance 41 (Ordinance 41) for the Novato Service Area to include further non-essential water […]

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Office Reopening to the Public

(Posted July 13, 2021) On Monday, July 19, North Marin Water District (NMWD) will reopen the office to the public for in-person business with reduced hours. Temporary business hours are […]

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Residential Recycled Water Fill Station for 2021

(Updated August 2, 2021) NMWD’s Residential Recycled Water Pick‐Up Program is back for the 2021 Drought.  This program provides clean, safe, tertiary‐treated recycled water to residential customers to pick up […]

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Drought Is Here.
Save Water.

North Marin Water District has enacted Emergency Water Conservation Ordinances in both the Novato and West Marin Services Areas to preserve water supply during this drought.

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Save Water in your home

Conserving water doesn’t mean you have to change your entire lifestyle. By being mindful of what you do around the house, you can save both water and money.

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