Customers asked to keep irrigation off until April 14

(Posted April 7, 2023) North Marin Water District is requesting that all residents and businesses keep outdoor irrigation and sprinklers shut off until Friday, April 14.

A section of the North Marin Aqueduct pipeline was recently isolated and closed due to the landslide on Redwood Blvd, near Olompali State Park. North Marin Water District is working closely with partners to conduct an exhaustive assessment of the section of pipeline near the landslide to be certain that no damage has occurred.

Currently, Novato area domestic water demands are being met by Stafford Lake Treatment Plant, but as warmer weather approaches the District is concerned that outdoor irrigation will put a strain on the system. 

We are therefore asking all customers to keep irrigation and sprinkler systems shut off until the assessment is completed, which is expected to be Friday April 14, 2023. Water quality has not been affected in any way by the temporary pipeline closure.

More information on the landslide near the North Marin Aqueduct is available here