North Marin Water District Revises Water Conservation Regulations

(Posted 12/21/23) On December 19th, 2023, the District Board approved revisions to both Regulation 15 (Novato Service Area) and 17 West Marin Service Area) which provide the framework for all water conservation related activities in the Novato and West Marin service areas including both mandatory and voluntary water conservation programs (links below). The revisions to these regulations included a water waste restriction for non-residential non-functional turf (as to be mandated in the future and defined by the State Water Resources Control Board through the rulemaking process in response to the 2018 Legislation Making Conservation a California Way of Life); adding water conservation programs previously implemented under “pilot program” authority (including rainwater catchment, greywater systems and hot water recirculation system rebates); the establishment of a rebate for removal of swimming pools; and some additional minor text revisions to remain current and appropriate with current times including a portion of Section E. The water conservation rebate amounts are currently scheduled to be reviewed and possibly revised at the Board meeting on January 16, 2024.

The revised Regulation 15 can be viewed here: Regulation 15 (Novato Service Area)

The revised Regulation 17 can be viewed here: Regulation 17 (West Marin Service Area)