Fix-A-Leak Week

(Posted March 8, 2022) The US Environmental Protection Society’s annual Fix-A-Leak Week is March 14-20, and we’ve worked with our partners at Sonoma Marin Water Saving Partnership to compile a list of quick and easy steps you can take to save water in your household.  

There are several ways to check whether you have a leak, and most household leaks are simple to fix. Things such as rundown toilet flappers (the part that seals the opening between the tank and the toilet bowl), leaky faucets, and dripping showerheads all are easy to correct and can save you money on your utility bill and help save water during the drought. 

Did you know that nearly 1 trillion gallons of water could be saved each year in U.S. homes if everyone fixed their water leaks? Check out some of our helpful tips and resources to get you started.

  1. Check your water bills
  2. Fix your faucets 
  3. Track your water usage online
  4. Test your toilets 
  5. Review our 10-minute fix-a-leak checklist Detect and Chase Down Leaks Checklist or Detect and Chase Down Leaks Checklist – Spanish

For more resources on dealing with leaks, check out the EPA’s Fix-A-Leak website. If you are replacing household fixtures or appliances, look out for the ‘WaterSense’ label when purchasing new products. A WaterSense labeled product is proven to have better performance levels as well as use at least 20 percent less water. Thank you for doing your part to fix things up and conserve water during Fix-A-Leak Week!