New Gallagher Well Project

(Posted June 2, 2022)

In a move designed to increase reliability and address salinity levels in the water supply, North Marin Water District has begun construction of the new Gallagher Well No. 2, on the Gallagher North Bend Ranch just outside Point Reyes Station. 

This new well will complement the existing Gallagher Well, and will increase the supply of high-quality groundwater during times that the district’s other two wells, located near downtown Point Reyes Station, are impacted by seasonal salt water intrusion.

This project coincides with conservation work undertaken on the Gallagher Ranch by the Marin Agricultural Land Trust (MALT). MALT’s Stewardship Assistance Program addressed stream bank stabilization issues with measures that include construction of a log crib retaining wall, and the planting of willows and various native grasses along creek banks. This project will enhance water quality in Lagunitas Creek and protect North Marin Water District’s downstream Gallagher Well No 1. well from potential contamination.

With the first phase of drilling underway, the well is expected to be operational and providing water to customers by late summer. The project was awarded a grant under the California Department of Water Resources Small Community Drought Relief Program which helps offset the majority of the construction costs.