Approved Rate Increase Postponed Until October 1, 2020

(Posted June 17, 2020)  Due to concern about the impact caused by Coronavirus to our customers and the economy, the Board decided to postpone the approved rate increase effective date for […]

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Proposed Revenue Increases and Rate Structure Changes (Novato Service Area)

(Posted May 26, 2020) The District proposes increasing revenue and revising the water rate structure for fiscal year 2020-2021. If approved at the public hearing on June 16, 2020, the […]

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Return to work: Precaution advised for building owners

(Posted May 15, 2020)  As Stay-At-Home orders are lifted and you begin to return to buildings that were dormant for weeks,  NMWD suggests you flush water from cold taps for […]

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Water shortage emergency declared in West Marin area

(Updated July 23, 2020) The North Marin Water District Board of Directors has adopted Emergency Water Conservation Ordinance No. 39 for the West Marin Service Area in response to dry […]

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Water Rate Study for 2020 (Novato Service Area)

(Posted April 9, 2020) The District conducted an extensive cost-of-services study to review our Novato Service Area water rates and charges. Water rates pay for the transport and delivery of […]

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NMWD Board Meetings Go Virtual

Until further notice, all meetings of the Board of Directors will be virtual pursuant to Executive Order N-29-20 issued by the Governor of the State of California. There will not […]

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