North Marin Water District Revises Recycled Water Regulations

(Posted December 21, 2023) On December 19, 2023, the District revised Regulation 18 (Recycled Water Service), and enacted a new Regulation 19 (Enforcement for Recycled Water Use).

District Regulation 18 describes the availability of recycled water as well as the requirements and procedures, including formal agreements and permits necessary for connection to, extensions of, or modifications to, the District’s Recycled Water distribution system. These regulations generally apply to new development but can be applicable to a commercial property owner requesting new recycled water service for certain approved uses and where the District has determined a retrofit of the existing water service facilities is feasible to accommodate recycled water service. The revised Regulation 18 clarifies the intent and purpose of the regulation and provides a new section on the definition of terms used. The revised Regulation 18 also provides more clarity on exemption requests and determinations by the District for mandatory use exemptions as well as a new section on protection of public health. To view the updated version of Regulation 18, click here.

The new District Regulation 19, serves as a stand-alone enforcement regulation for recycled water use. The new Regulation 19 includes sections addressing violations, public nuisance related to unauthorized discharges, the liability associated with violations, non-compliance, and associated District recourses, and mandatory use assurance section. Importantly, the proposed Regulation 19 cross-references existing District Regulations 1, 6, 18, and 55, that address the handling of costs incurred by the District to correct the condition of illegal or non-permitted use as well as termination of service for non-compliance (Regulation 55). To view the new Regulation 19 click here.