North Marin Water District secures Stafford Lake water supplies for 2022

(Posted December 15, 2021) This winter North Marin Water District will replenish water supplies held at Stafford Lake with water imported from the Russian River. This move is a central element of efforts designed to meet projected 2022 water demands from North Marin residents and businesses.

This action follows a similar strategy to one successfully executed in 2021, to increase local water supply during severe drought conditions. Water purchased and imported from the Russian River refilled Stafford Lake from about one-quarter to over one-half capacity, averting the possibility that Stafford Lake would have gone dry during summer, when water demand is at its highest.

In 2021, we invested over $400,000 to raise lake levels. This year we may commit to similar spending levels, depending on actual winter rainfall. While North Marin experienced substantial rainfall in October 2021, due to ongoing drought conditions, the parched ground soaked it up. As a result, very little additional water reached Stafford Lake.

North Marin Water District will continue to carefully monitor rainfall in the coming months and purchase more or less water as needed. Our goal is to provide greater assurances of drought protection in the coming year. Stafford Lake can hold about 4,300 acre-feet of water. One acre-foot is about 325,000 gallons, the amount roughly three families use in a year. As of December 1, 2021, the lake held about 1,600 acre-feet of water (37% capacity).

While we are focused on taking significant steps to continue to meet water demand from North Marin residents and businesses, including this initiative, we urge North Marin Water District consumers to educate themselves on ways in which they can conserve water supplies.

For more information on the steps we are taking, please visit the New Water Supplies page. For conversation tips and rebates, please visit the Save Water section of our website.