The Drought is Over

(Posted May 2, 2023) This year, rainfall has been well above average and, all reservoirs supplying Novato are at capacity. Governor Newsome has declared an end to the State-wide drought provisions. Novato water customers did a great job conserving during the three-year drought period by continually conserving an average of 20%. 

On April 4, 2023, the District Board rescinded Emergency Water Conservation Ordinance No. 41. This action immediately eliminated non-essential water use restrictions and ended the drought surcharge. However, we are reminding customers that common-sense water waste prohibitions remain in place permanently. We encourage you to participate in the many programs the District offers to help you use water more efficiently.   

Even though this drought period has ended, drought conditions could return in the future. We continue aggressively pursuing efforts to enhance our water supplies locally and regionally. 

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