Water Supply Workshop April 26 (Recap)

(Updated April 28, 2022) North Marin Water District held a second New Water Supplies workshop on April 26, 2022 at 6:00pm

The District has been working with an engineering consultant with expertise in water supply alternatives, West Yost, to carry out a Local Water Supply Enhancement Study. The Study has considered numerous options to develop new local water sources, with the goal of ensuring that the North Marin Water District has a solid, resilient strategy for sustainable water supply, to minimize the impacts of future droughts.

These potential new water sources were presented to the Board and reviewed at a public workshop with customers on January 25, 2022. Ideas included expanding water recycling, adding desalination, capturing and storing stormwater, increasing Stafford Lake’s capacity, and storing water in underground basins in wet years and to save for use in dry years.

The workshop on April 26, 2022 provided a recap and summary of the potential new water sources, and consultants and staff presented the draft report with findings and recommendations in order to gain public feedback. The draft report is available here:  Local Water Supply Enhancement Study – Public Review Draft – April 2022 Compressed . Some of the supply options which are not necessarily feasible for local supply enhancement are possible through collaboration and partnership with other agencies at a regional level, which the workshop will explore.

If you have any comments or feedback on the Local Water Supply Enhancement Study, please send to Tony Williams (twilliams@nmwd.com) by May 6, 2022.